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To the aquaponic enthusiast, aquaponics is not simply the process of raising fish and plants symbiotically. Aquaponics is a re-circulating ecosystem...  

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The Basics About Aquaponics -Aquaponics in Home

So, you’re contemplating an aquaponics system but you’re unsure as to what this might involve?   Well, here is a friendly aquaponics guide which will help you understand the task at hand.

Using a tank no larger than 60 cubic feet, with some pumps, tubing, and netting pots, it is feasible to grow a sufficient amount of produce to feed your own family and, potentially, gift some to your neighbors.


Aquaponic farming is not difficult...


One aspect of aquaponic farming is the ease at which in can be accomplished.  By placing the key elements of the system, the tank, the netting pots and the faciliatory tools such as the aerating equipment at waist level, taking care of these elements, caring for both the aquaculture and the hydropinics is as easy as a child’s game.  When cultivating your aquaponic garden, say good bye to digging, bending, and stretching in order to reach or prepare the growing surface.  Eliminate the kneeling and crawling required of weeding and soil cultivation.  Anything and everything you require to maintain your garden can be within arm’s reach.

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